Super 60 Elite Showcase

Goldey – Beacom College, Wilmington, DE

Sunday October 9th, 2011

Compiled by Curtis Watkins – LLHOOPS Delaware Editor (LLHOOPS.COM, PAHOOPS.ORG)



Top Prospects Who Performed Well


Rondae Jefferson – 6’7”   WF (2013) Chester High School, Chester, PA – This southpaw is a tremendous rebounder on the offensive boards and is a very good ball handler. Has a tremendous basketball IQ. One of the top juniors in the country without question.


Eric Laster – 6’6”  WF (2012) Polytech High School, Woodside, DE – Silky smooth jump shooter who can score easily from 20 feet. He is very quick and finishes well above the rim. He is a high mid-major Division I prospect.


Jeremiah Worthem – 6’6”  WF (2013) Math, Civics, and Sciences High School, Philadelphia, PA – Very athletic forward who can run the floor and slashes well to the basketball. Good rebounder for his size.


Ben Bentil – 6’8”  PF (2014) St. Andrews High School, Middletown, DE – Sophomore big man who is a great shot blocker and rugged rebounder. Has a nice hook shot to score in the paint. High major Division I prospect.


Andre Horne – 6’4”  SG (2012) Newark High School, Newark, DE – Very aggressive slasher going to the basket who draws a lot of fouls against the defense. Can be a big time scoring threat. He is also a good rebounder. He is a Division I mid-major college prospect.


Dwaun Anderson – 6’4”  SG (2012) Prep School, Michigan – Tremendous athlete who can jump out of the gym. Very skilled offensive player.  State player of the year in Michigan in 2011.


Andre Patton – 6’4”  WF (2013) St. Elizabeth High School, Wilmington, DE – Good rebounder who has a consistent 15 foot jump shot. Very aggressive and plays good defense. He is a big time high Division I college football recruit. He was an all-state basketball player last season.


Eric Fanning – 6’5”  WF (2012) – good inside scorer and a tough rebounder in traffic. Has a nice perimeter jumpshot. Committed to Wagner University.


Khallid Hart – 6’1”  PG (2012) – Sanford School, Hockessin, DE – He is a very good defensive player and a solid ball handler who can hit the open jumper. Excellent free throw shooter. Division I college mid-major prospect.


Austin Tilghman – 6’0”  PG (2014) – St. Andrews High School, Middletown, DE – Powerful built athlete who has great court vision. He finishes well in traffic and can get his shot anywhere on the court. He is a high mid-major Division I college prospect.


Shikei Blake – 6’6”  PF  (2013) – Phelps School, Malvern, PA – Rugged rebounder who is a big inside scoring threat. Plays good defense and is a good foul shooter.


Antonio DePina – 6’3”  SG  (2013) Polytech High School, Woodside, DE – He is a guard who can score easily inside the paint and can finish in traffic. Very good athlete who is a good rebounder for his size.


Donte McGill – 6’3”  SG  (2012) St. George’s Tech, Middletown, DE – He is an offensive force that drives a lot to the basket and scores. Nice jump shot also. Decent rebounder.


Raymond Anderson – 6’1”  PG (2012) St. George’s Tech, Middletown, DE – Clever point guard who makes good decisions with the ball. Can score a ton of points if needed. Very quick.


Zach Walker – 6’5”  WF  (2012) – Dover High School, Dover, DE – Tough rebounder on the boards and good inside scorer.


Ajen English – 6’1”  SG  (2012) – Appoquinimink High School, Middletown, DE – Tremendous leaper who can elevate to the rim. Good offensive guard who can score.


Adam Midgette – 6’3”  SG  (2014) -  Dover High School, Dover, DE – Athletic combo guard who can shoot.


Isaac Fleming – 6’2”  PG  (2013) – William Penn High School, New Castle, DE – Left handed point guard who can light up the gym. He can get points in a hurry. He is a very good passer and a consistent outside shooter from 20 feet.


Mahir Johnson – 5’11”  PG  (2014) – Glasgow High School, Newark, DE – Quick penetrating guard who slashes well to the basketball.